‘Climate: A New Story’ by Charles Eisenstein (5th Dec 2019)

Our next meeting will be on 5th December 2019 to discuss ‘Climate: A New Story‘ by Charles Eisenstein. In 2014 we read the excellent and informative ‘The Burning Question’ by Mike Berners-Lee & Duncan Clark that set out the hard facts. But are the facts (eg: how many Gigatonnes of CO2 we can pump intoContinue reading “‘Climate: A New Story’ by Charles Eisenstein (5th Dec 2019)”

Wilding by Isabella Tree (15th Aug 2019)

Our next meeting will be on 15th August 2019 to discuss ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree. Wilding is one of the most inspiring books on nature that I have ever read. The author and her husband transformed their struggling arable farm in West Sussex into a landscape overflowing with life – including turtle doves, nightingales, hedgehogs,Continue reading “Wilding by Isabella Tree (15th Aug 2019)”

Next Book: ‘The Invisible Killer’ by Gary Fuller

Our next meeting will be on 2nd May 2019 to discuss ‘The Invisible Killer’ by Gary Fuller.  This will be our 20th GreenThinkers’ book and our first on air pollution, a subject that has been in the news many times over the last few years due to the diesel emission scandal and the UK governmentContinue reading “Next Book: ‘The Invisible Killer’ by Gary Fuller”

Next Book: ‘Out of the Wreckage: ‘A new politics for an age of crisis’ by George Monbiot

Our next meeting will be on 17th January 2019 to discuss George Monbiot’s latest book ‘Out of the Wreckage: A new politics for an age of crisis‘. Monbiot doesn’t really need an introduction: he is one of Britain’s leading environmental and political activists; has written eleven books – including ‘Feral’, which helped to popularise theContinue reading “Next Book: ‘Out of the Wreckage: ‘A new politics for an age of crisis’ by George Monbiot”

Living within the Dough

‘Green Thinkers book club discusses Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth’  Seven of us met on Thursday night to discuss Doughnut Economics. It was a balmy October evening in Newcastle, and we sat outside for most of the discussion, imagining that we lived in Barcelona-on-Tyne, rather than the North East of England. Unusually for our group,Continue reading “Living within the Dough”

‘Doughnut Economics’ by Kate Raworth – 11th Oct 2018

Our next book has made quite a splash in the sustainability world since its launch last year: Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth who describes herself as a ‘renegade economist’. It was reviewed by George Monbiot in the Guardian with the headline “Finally, a breakthrough alternative to growth economics – the doughnut”. Whether you like toContinue reading “‘Doughnut Economics’ by Kate Raworth – 11th Oct 2018”

Next Green Thinkers: ‘Pandora’s Seed’ by Spencer Wells – 5th July

I find myself increasingly fascinated by history: the ups and downs of civilisations that considered themselves to be immortal; the telltale traces that ancient humans left behind as they explored Britain, from cave paintings at Creswell Crags to middens of hazelnut husks on Colonsay; and the rapid growth in human population over the last 1000 years. ForContinue reading “Next Green Thinkers: ‘Pandora’s Seed’ by Spencer Wells – 5th July”

Next Bookclub: ‘A World of Three Zeroes’ by Yunus – 22nd March 2018

Following the collapse of Carillion, our next book ‘A World of Three Zeroes’ by Muhammad Yunus is prescient. Nobel Prize-winning Yunus pioneered the lending of microcredit in Bangladesh through a bank with the aim of improving social capital. Since then he has successfully extended the social business model into areas as diverse as farming, health-careContinue reading “Next Bookclub: ‘A World of Three Zeroes’ by Yunus – 22nd March 2018”

“Unfair Trade” by Conor Woodman on 1st June 2017

Our next book will be a new topic for Green Thinkers, delving into the world of social responsibility and global supply chains. Investigative journalist ‘Conor Woodman’ gets under the skin of ethical business in an attempt to find out if the claims stack up. When: 1st June 2017 (7-9pm) Where: Town Wall Pub (Library Room, PinkContinue reading ““Unfair Trade” by Conor Woodman on 1st June 2017″

Don’t Even Think About It

Our next Newcastle Green Thinker’s meeting follows seamlessly on from our previous book “Thinking Fast and Slow”, looking at the psychology of climate change, and climate change denial. Book: “Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change” by George Marshall Date and time: 2nd March 2017, 7-9pm Location: The Town Wall pub, PinkContinue reading “Don’t Even Think About It”