Green Thinkers is a book club and discussion group that has the vision to bring people together from all walks of life to discuss the latest sustainability thinking on a wide range of topics. We meet in Newcastle upon Tyne, but are keen to encourage similar groups to be established elsewhere.

We discuss questions such as:

  • Is GDP a valid way of measuring prosperity?
  • Can megacities be sustainable?
  • Can humans adapt to climate change?
  • What is the true value of nature and how can our economic and political systems account for natural capital?
  • How can the world feed 10 billion people sustainably?
  • What can we learn from nature when designing products and buildings?
  • How can we take these ideas back to our places of work and communities?

Who should come?

  • Engineers – working on solutions to the (water, waste, energy) challenges we are discussing
  • Artists – be informed and inspired to create new ways of communicating sustainability concepts
  • Scientists – bounce ideas off other professions
  • Health Care Professionals – a healthy planet makes for health people
  • Business leaders – can your business be part of the solution?
  • Policy makers – discuss sustainability issues in an informal setting with informed individuals
  • Financiers – these issues are all down to the money, what can you do?
  • Designers – think about redesigning products to make them more sustainable, be inspired by nature and the great discussion
  • Students – this will be the best tutor group ever!
  • Environmental and sustainability professionals – keep your knowledge up to date and share your thinking with other professions
  • Educators – debate the latest ideas and take them back to your students
  • Planners – consider how to incorporate sustainability into the built environment
  • Sceptics of every kind

Contact marek@green-thinkers.org for guidance on how to set up a Green Thinkers book club near you.

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