‘The Northumbrians’ A Lockdown Book Club Special

I recently read ‘The Northumbrians’ by Dan Jackson and loved it. It opened my eyes as to how history has shaped the place I am proud to call my home. I am hoping to host a book club on Zoom to discuss Dan’s book on Monday 30th November 2020. The meeting will start at 7.30Continue reading “‘The Northumbrians’ A Lockdown Book Club Special”

‘Seeds of Science’ by Mark Lynas – 28th Jan 2021

Whatever you views on genetically modified crops (drought-busting tech or biotech evil), you are welcome to join Green Thinkers’ 24th book club to discuss ‘Seeds of Science‘ by Mark Lynas. Mark is an excellent writer and was author of our first book ‘The God Species’ in 2013. In ‘Seeds of Science’ Lynas takes us backContinue reading “‘Seeds of Science’ by Mark Lynas – 28th Jan 2021”