‘Seeds of Science’ by Mark Lynas – 28th Jan 2021

Whatever you views on genetically modified crops (drought-busting tech or biotech evil), you are welcome to join Green Thinkers’ 24th book club to discuss ‘Seeds of Science‘ by Mark Lynas. Mark is an excellent writer and was author of our first book ‘The God Species’ in 2013.

In ‘Seeds of Science’ Lynas takes us back to the origins of GM technology and introduces the scientific pioneers who invented it. He explains what led him to be one of the original ‘GM field wreckers’, and talks to both sides of this fractious debate to see what motivates worldwide opposition today. We will try to cut through the hysteria and have a rational discussion and hopefully lean something in the process.

Join us at 7.30pm on 28th January 2021.

The discussion will be online via ‘zoom’ and access is free, but places are limited. To request an invite email me (marek@green-thinkers.org) briefly introducing yourself (if we don’t already know each other) with either a link to your twitter or LinkedIn profile for verification.

Marek Bidwell


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