Suggestions wanted for books to discuss at Green-Thinkers bookclub?

We are looking for contemporary sustainability books covering a range of topics that would appeal to non-specialists. Topics may include peak food, the fracking  debate, population growth, climate change, green cities, sustainable design, and sustainable capitalism. All suggestions welcome.


Welcome to Green-Thinkers

The world didn’t end yesterday so we need to seriously think about a more sustainable future, so raise a glass to the launch of Green-Thinkers bookclubs and discussion groups.

I hope that the groups will be a place where people from all, cultures, walks of life and professions can share intelligent discussion and take the ideas back to transform their neighborhoods, organisations, and societies. We have Linkedin and Facebook groups, please feel free to join even if you can’t make it to the meetings to keep up to date with developments.

Watch this space for more information coming soon.