Next Book: ‘The Invisible Killer’ by Gary Fuller

Our next meeting will be on 2nd May 2019 to discuss ‘The Invisible Killer’ by Gary Fuller. 

This will be our 20th GreenThinkers’IvKillerCover book and our first on air pollution, a subject that has been in the news many times over the last few years due to the diesel emission scandal and the UK government losing three air pollution cases to ClientEarth for breaching EU pollution limits.

As well as providing a superb resume of the history of air pollution around the world, Fuller pulls no punches in this book tackling issues some of us may find unsettling, such as the rising impact of wood burning stoves (installed in 1 in 12 UK homes) that apparently emit more air pollution than a diesel truck, and he warns that electric cars are not a panacea for solving traffic pollution saying ‘the particle pollution that comes from the wear of roads, brakes and tyres is now a greater problem than exhausts‘.

Whatever your views on this book I would love to hear them. Meet at the Tyneside Cinema Coffee Rooms Tyneside Cinema (Headspace Meeting Room) on 2nd May 2019. Gather from 7.15pm in the Tynside bar downstairs, to start the discussion at 7.30pm in the Headspace Meeting Room.

The meeting is free, but please let me know if you are planning to attend so that I can arrange numbers with the venue; also, there is a small chance I might have to change the venue at late notice (due to earlier closing times) in which case I will keep you informed.

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