Wilding by Isabella Tree (15th Aug 2019)

Our next meeting will be on 15th August 2019 to discuss ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree.

Wilding is one of the most inspiring books on nature that I have ever read. The author and her husband transformed their struggling arable farm in West Sussex into a landscape overflowing with life – including turtle doves, nightingales, hedgehogs, wildflowers and rare butterflies – and yet still produce food.

Inspired by rewilding projects such as the Oostavaardersplassen in the Netherlands they have created an almost African savanna-style landscape where the formal distinction between field and woodland is broken down. They allow heathland plants to grow – derided by many landowners as ‘scrub’ – but one of our rarest habitats and essential for many iconic species.

Somewhat controversially, in today’s world of increasing veganism, Tree argues that organic pasture-fed cattle is a sustainable food source, and has demonstrable biodiversity benefits over intensive arable farming, it also retains carbon in the soil. We will be discussing issues such as this, and asking if similar principles have been, or can be applied in the North East of England.

Meet at the Tyneside Cinema (Headspace Meeting Room) on 2nd May 2019. Gather from 7.15pm in the Tynside bar downstairs, to start the discussion at 7.30pm in the Headspace Meeting Room.

To cover the cost of the private room there is a small fee of £3. Spaces in the room are limited to 12 so please email me to reserve a place (payment taken on the day).


This book club ties in with a conference on rewilding on 5th June 2019 in Gateshead, hosted by Climate Action North East at which the author, Isabella Tree, is speaking (sold out the last time I checked): https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rewilding-a-solution-for-climate-change-tickets-55716787411 

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