‘Climate: A New Story’ by Charles Eisenstein (5th Dec 2019)

Our next meeting will be on 5th December 2019 to discuss ‘Climate: A New Story‘ by Charles Eisenstein.

In 2014 we read the excellent and informative ‘The Burning Question’ by Mike Berners-Lee & Duncan Clark that set out the hard facts. But are the facts (eg: how many Gigatonnes of CO2 we can pump into the atmosphere before passing dangerous tipping points) enough to convince those who don’t already have their twitter-feeds stuffed with such information to change their outlook?

In ‘Climate: A New Story’, Eisenstein takes a holistic view to climate. He advocates for expanding our exclusive focus on carbon emissions to see the broader picture. The rivers, forests, and creatures of the natural and material world are sacred and valuable in their own right, not simply for carbon credits or preventing the extinction of one species versus another.

“Here is what I want everyone in the climate change movement to hear: People are not going to be frightened into caring.”

You may agree or disagree – share your thoughts on this, and more.

You can purchase the book online, or read it on Eisenstein’s website for free.

Meet at the Tyneside Cinema (Headspace Meeting Room) on 5th December 2019. Gather from 7.15pm in the Tyneside bar downstairs, to start the discussion at 7.30pm in the Headspace Meeting Room.

To cover the cost of the private room there is a small fee of £3. Spaces in the room are limited to 12 so it is vital to email me to reserve a place (payment taken on the day).


NB: Inspired by our previous discussion on ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree in August, I visited Knapdale in Scotland in search of the Beavers that were reintroduced 10 years ago. You can read an account of our Scottish Beaver Safari here.



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