Next Meeting ‘The Burning Question’ on 27th March 2014

Our next Green-Thinkers bookclub will be on 27th March 2014 to discuss The Burning Question’ by Mike Berners-Lee & Duncan Clark.

The Burning Question is whether or not it will be possible for the world abandon around four fifths of proven coal, oil, and gas reserves? The book argues that this will be necessary in order to limit warming to 2 degrees, unless there is massive development of carbon capture and storage. We will have the answer to this question soon – at the crucial climate conference in Paris in 2015 when an agreement may, or may not be reached, to supersede Kyoto.

What would be the economic, social, and financial implications of leaving proven fossil fuels in the ground? Is the combustion of these fossil fuels already locked-in to the development plans and infrastructure of countries with massive reserves (such as the US, Russia, China, Australia, and Venezuela)? What will happen to the climate if emissions continue to rise at present rates? What action is required during 2014 to put pressure on governments to commit to targets? What will be the implications for you and your organisation over the next 20 years? or are we worrying about this for nothing – if global warming is actually doing more good than harm – as claimed by climate sceptics such as Matt Ridley? We will debate all these questions, and more…

When: 27th March from 6.30pm

Where: The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, Upstairs function room, NE1 1RQ

Cost: £5 includes chips and sandwiches and room hire, pay on the door (£3 concessions)

Book: Send a quick reply to this email to book (Email

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