Invitation to Green-Thinkers Bookclub

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So the world didn’t end in 2012 and we are facing a future of 8 billion people, over 2 degrees of warming, scarcer resources, and fragmented ecosystems. However humans are an ingenious and creative species so individuals, communities, businesses and governments should be capable of tackling these issues head on, and create a fairer and more sustainable future. What do you think the future holds? join the debate, join us at Green-Thinkers Bookclub either online or at our first meeting.

We are a small group of environmental and sustainability professionals who care about the future, want to delve into our subject more deeply, and discuss these issues with those from other walks of life and professions in an informal, non-technical way. No prior knowledge is necessary except for reading the book, and all views are welcome. Our first book is the thought provoking and provocative ‘God Species’ by Mark Lynas. “this is no depressing lamentation of eco-doom

When: 28th Feb 2013 from 6.15pm to 8.00pm

Where: The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, Upstairs function room, NE1 1RQ

Who: Anyone with an interest in global and local sustainability issues professionally or personally. No expert knowledge is needed. You may be an engineer, student, artist, or politician etc… You may want to learn more about sustainability issues, challenge accepted thinking, or be wondering how you can best influence your organisation or community.

Cost: £3 includes chips and sandwiches and room hire, pay on the door

Book: Email to book a place before 21st Feb 2013.

Online: Join the conversation at:

Email for information about setting up a Green-Thinkers Bookclub in your area.

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